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Tea Cup Puppies for Sale in NY

Yorkshire Terrier Pup

Yorkshire Terrier

The small-sized Yorkshire Terrier has a big personality. You can find a spirited but affectionate companion in him. He sometimes suspects strangers and barks at them. However, the dog is loyal to his owner, elegant-looking,

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Poodle Pup


Your search for an allergen-friendly furry companion is over once you spot a Poodle. The super intelligent and active pet is non-shedding, and therefore, suitable for all types of people. They’re very impressive,

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pomeranian pup


Did you know that Pomeranian dogs have been owned by royalty since the early 1700s? It was Queen Victoria’s tiny Pomeranian however that grabbed the attention of many worldwide. Pomeranian breeds have,

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maltese pup


Gentle and bright, the Maltese is a pet that can keep you busy with his playful nature. Witty games such as discovering where you’ve hidden his toy are what makes the dog happy. The Maltese requires little outdoor exercise,

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French Bull Dog Pup

French Bulldog

The French bulldog characterized by its bat like ears was the fourth most popular dog breed according to the March 2018 ranking by American Kennel Club. The dogs have continued to become of favorite of many with,

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Teacup puppies and micro dogs for sale in New York City, are the smallest, miniature puppies found in a litter of toy breeds. They are tiny with some even able to fit in your pocket. Tea cup pups are the miniature pups of the already small dog breeds like yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, French bulldog, Pomeranian, and Shih tzu. Most tea cups weigh 5 pounds or less when mature.

Should You Buy A Micro Dog Breed?
Many people looking for teacup puppies for sale really wonder if they are making the right decision. While the American Kennel Club doesn’t register teacups in its own group, they’re still registered as its core breed without a size notation. Of the most asked questions by people looking for teacup puppies and micro dogs for sale in New York City are: are the teacup puppies healthy?
Do they live long? How are they bred? Will I really enjoy or benefit from owning one? Read on to understand everything there is to know about teacup puppies to help you make the decision whether to get one or not.

Are Teacup Dogs Healthy?
One of the controversies on teacup dogs is about their health. All small sized dogs, even those that are not teacups have associated health issues because of their size and some due to the inbreeding practices.
Some of the common health problems related to teacups include; hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, hydrocephalus (water to the brain), respiratory issues, heart problems and digestive problems. Most of these problems are easily maintained and kept at bay with best practices when it comes to care of your miniature dog.
It is also important to note that these mini dogs are fragile and therefore you should be extra careful when around them. It is possible to easily walk over them when not careful because they are quite small. They should also be handled with care so that they do not drop from high heights. Other bigger pets like cats and other dogs may harm a teacup dog.
Teacups have a life span just like that of the small breeds that have been used for breeding them. You can therefore enjoy the companion of your teacup for 12 to 14 years depending on the parent breeders used.

How is Teacup Breeding Done?
Breeding of mini dogs is done by breeding two small dogs to potentially get the teacups. The breeding process is a meticulous one and needs only to be done by experienced and professional breeders like NYC Breeders.
Due to the demand of teacups, some unscrupulous breeders out there sell unsuspecting customers small dogs that are maybe late which later grow into full size toy dogs. At NYC Breeder in New York City we only have real teacup puppies and micro dogs for sale.
When searching for a teacup you should only consider buying from a legitimate breeder that will only use the ethical breeding practices to get the micro dog that you want. With our teacups you are protected by the pet lemon laws of NYC which we abide by as legitimate New York City teacup puppy breeders.

Popular Teacup Puppies for Sale In NY
If you are looking for teacup puppies or micro dogs for sale near New York City, chances are you have realized there are many breeds for you to choose from. Some of the popular breeds available at NYC Breeder include; teacup beagle, teacup Yorkie, teacup shih tzu, teacup maltese, teacup poodle, teacup Pomeranian, teacup Chihuahua, teacup French bulldog, teacup Boston Terrier, teacup Japanese chin, and teacup maltipoo.
You therefore have a wide variety to choose from. Before choosing it is important to learn more about the kind of teacup you desire to understand how your micro dog will hold up.

Benefits of Owning a Teacup Dog
Owning a micro dog comes with its own set of awesome benefits. First is the fact that they are extremely adorable. Carrying your dog around therefore means you will get lots of attention from people around you. Teacups do not need a lot of food due to their small stature which means you will keep feeding costs down.
They also do not require lots of expensive supplies like harnesses to get around. You can also keep a teacup at a building which has pet – size restrictions because of course they are micro.
You can take your teacup anywhere you want to go without feeling burdened and what’s more they do not require a lot of exercise like large energetic dogs to be healthy. A short walk with your mini dog will suffice for exercise.
If you are looking for a mini dog then call NYC Breeder today and get real teacup puppies for sale in NY.