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Pomsky Puppy

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Pomsky loves to get your attention and you can’t avoid giving the dog what it wants because it’s simply adorable. Your apartment won’t look boring with this playful puppy. If you’re a dog lover, this cross-breed between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian can wow you. That’s why Pomsky is still gaining popularity.
Unfortunately, parent dogs are of different sizes, so breeding is mainly by artificial insemination. The natural method would not be safe for the mothers. This makes the breed very expensive and that’s why a breeder can charge you a lot on a Pomskypuppies sale. Besides, the Pomeranian Husky dogs are extremely hard to find.
At the same time, be wary of backyard breeders who offer free or cheap puppies as they may not guarantee breed purity or health. They are only taking advantage of the demand for Pomsky puppies. The better option is to adopt your dog from a rescue group or shelter.
Don’t just buy a Ponsky because of its looks. You’ll soon realize that you’re not prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with owning it. This can be worse if you find a Pomsky that has specific needs. You may find yourself giving up your dog to a rescue group or shelter before long


Pomsky puppies do not have a long history. In fact, the designers and creators of the breed managed to produce the hybrid through artificial insemination only a few years ago. This means that breeders are yet to establish much of its standard looks or traits.
No one probably knows the exact origin of Pomsky puppies as there are several conflicting stories around the issue. However, rumors may have little impact on what happened to bring the breed to the fore. As myths were moving around over the Internet and other media platforms, a real Pomsky was born in the US in 2012.
As the adorable Pomsky became real, the demand for the puppies increased exponentially. Also, the number of authentic breeders grew significantly, especially in 2014. However, this could not sustain the demand. Therefore, unethical practices and scams started coming in. That’s how associations like The Pomsky Club of America began.
Today, many people have accepted the Pomskypuppies around the world. This is mainly because of their ability to stop you in your tracks even in public places. The Pomsky puppy has so grown in popularity that people think it is 2017’s most popular designer breed.

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Caring for a Pomsky

Pomskies require regular grooming because of their double coats that have long silky hair. During the shedding seasons (this can go up to 6 months every year), you must brush them on a daily basis. At the other times, you should do so three to five times every week. You may also need professional grooming services once in a while.
Besides grooming, you must find some extra time to do some other things for your Pomsky. When she gets herself dirty, bath her. To prevent infections, you should clean her ears two or more times every month. Also, remember to clean her teeth on a weekly basis.
Do you have small children? Maybe it isn’t a good idea to get a Pomsky. The little dogs can be very jealous when you give your kids more attention as compared to them. In fact, your nearest dog breeder may not recommend that you buy the puppy because she always wants to be number one in your family.
Moreover, small children tend to handle pets roughly. This may not go well with your little furry friend because she can get shy, stressed, or even aggressive. This could force you to keep your children off from your Pomsky, which is practically impossible. However, you may be lucky to find that your dog is happy around kids.
Your Pomsky is very active and loves to play. Make sure you give her enough exercises to exhaust her energy. You may have to walk her to the park on a daily basis. Be sure you aren’t very busy even on weekends. She also expects to play much. Aside from exercises, stimulate her through creating several innovative and challenging games.
Pomskies get bored when they aren’t occupied. As a result, they can look depressed, develop chewing problems, or even bark excessively. To keep this from happening, don’t leave your Pomsky alone in the backyard for long hours when working. It’s best you hire a pet walker so your little friend can play often.


When it comes to health issues, Pomskies do not have many problems. In fact, they have only registered a few hereditary conditions. They can develop eye disorders just like their parents. Allergies and skin issues are also common in Pomskies. Others include hip dysplasia, dislocated knees, epilepsy, collapsing trachea, and dental issues.
However, the relatively new breed can be unpredictable as there isn’t enough information concerning their health history. Therefore, it’s hard to be sure whether your Pomsky could develop a serious condition later in life. Investing in an insurance cover can cover the potential expenses that may arise in case your dog is unlucky to get sick.

Get Pomsky Puppy with NYC Breeders

If you’ve been looking for Pomsky puppies for sale in the NYC area, you are in the right place. We have specialists who are very passionate about puppies. We have been training Pomskies and many other types of dogs around the NYC area since their inception. You can trust us because of our exceptional experience.
That’s not all! We give you a one of a kind reception. Our customer service agents are eagerly waiting to receive and help you get a healthy Pomsky. Feel free to talk to one of our consultants and get all answers to your questions and concerns.
Dogs can become your favorite friends since they are playful, facile to train, loyal, and can feel what you feel. We can help you get the right size, height, color, and age of Pomsky to suit your home’s needs. We offer Pomsky puppies for sale and do training in Westchester County, NY. We are officially registered.

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