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Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale

Did you know that Pomeranian dogs have been owned by royalty since the early 1700s? It was Queen Victoria’s tiny Pomeranian however that grabbed the attention of many worldwide. Pomeranian breeds have also been popular amongst celebrities and artists.
Pomeranians are teacups with beautiful long and thick coats and a foxy face. They are a favorite toy breed for many across the globe because of their active nature and loyalty. Pomeranians are popularly known as Poms.


Pomeranians are considered to be descendants of the German Spitz which are large dogs usually used to shepherd. The Pomeranians were named after the Pomerania region. They do not originate from the region but it played a significant part in their breeding to the current Pomeranians that we know of.
Queen Elizabeth who ruled between 1819 and 1901, played a major role in breeding the Poms and is known to have achieved a smaller size than the other breeders were able to achieve during that time.She imported many Pomeranians from Europe and other regions to breed them which made her acquire different colors, patterns and smaller sizes.
It has taken many centuries to reduce the originally big dog to the standard four to six pound breed we are accustomed to today. Pomeranians were recognized by the Kennel Club in England in 1870 but the first breed club was set up in 1891.
Over the years the popularity of Pomeranians has increased in the United States to become amongst the most popular dog breeds since 1998. The breed is not only for royals and celebrities now but it’s enjoyed and loved by all.

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Caring for Pomeranian

Care of the Pomeranian is a must to ensure they maintain proper health and hygiene. Here are some caring practices you should adopt for your Pom;
Hair Care – Pomeranians stand out because of their hair. They have a thick, silky and long coat that requires regular maintenance. After your puppy sheds her fur to grow the adult far, it is recommended that you start brushing her daily so that the fur can grow quickly.
After the adult fur has fully grown it requires to be brushed at least twice in a week. Ensure you have a brush that can care for different levels of the fur. The inside is fluffy and woolen while the upper layer of the coat is silky and smooth. It is also essential that you have a brush that removes entangles.
Feeding- Poms besides being teacups have a very high metabolism and thus need to be fed often. It is recommended that you feed them twice or thrice a day. If you are not around to feed them ensure that their feeding bowl is kept full so they can eat when hungry.
However, you should ensure that you keep your Pom at her ideal weight which is anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds. Be cautious therefore not to overfeed or underfeed her.
Walks and Exercise – Poms are known to be strong, active and curious dogs. This means therefore that they require lots of exercise and walks to keep them happy. Poms also enjoy using their sense of smell to track items and therefore you might also have them search for items.
You should make the walks and exercise fun so that you are not bored of doing it daily as it is a daily recommended routine. It also makes the event fun for the Pom and enhances bonding for you two. For the puppies start with low intensity exercises and games. For an adult Pom you can have high intensity and intelligent games like food dispensing toys.
Dental Care – it is highly recommended that you brush your Pom’s teeth using a dog toothbrush and toothpaste once daily. This will maintain dental health which can help avoid health problems and delay adult tooth loss. The puppies tend to bite at just about anything when their teeth are developing. Provide toys they can bite at to prevent them from biting items that can hurt their teeth.
Bath Time – it is necessary to bath your Pomeranian regularly or when they are really dirty using dog shampoo and conditioner for proper hydration of the coat. After the dog is washed brush her fur with a brush as you blow it dry to ensure that it doesn’t entangle. Remove any tangles immediately so that her coat remains smooth and silky.
Provide Love, Affection and Attention – Pomeranians are very loyal dogs and they like to defend their territories. If you show them love they will be very loyal to you and defensive. It has been said that they think of themselves as guard dogs.
Have time to bond with your dog and also provide a warm, safe and cozy place where your dog can retire to when it needs to rest. Pet your dog regularly and use positive reinforcement to bond with her.


To get to the Pomeranian breed we now know and love, a lot of crossing between has been done between the same families of dogs which is why Pomeranians can suffer from genetic problems.
Generally Pomeranians are healthy and vivacious dogs, but there are certain health issues associated with the breed that you need to be aware about. These include; luxation or luxatingpatellas, collapsed trachea, patent ductusarteriosus, eye problems, dental problems and low blood sugar.
It is recommended that you take your Pomeranian to the veterinary regularly so that they can be checked and any impending health problems detected before they become full blown. This coupled with proper hygiene, feeding and care for the Pomeranian will ensure a healthy dog.
Pomeranians are also prone to being hurt by dropping them or accidentally stepping on them. Take extra care of the Poms to keep them safe from physical hurt.

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