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Maltese Puppy

Maltese Puppies for Sale

Gentle and bright, the Maltese is a pet that can keep you busy with his playful nature. Witty games such as discovering where you’ve hidden his toy are what makes the dog happy. The Maltese requires little outdoor exercise but enjoys sprinting in your yard and being in your company when you’re going for a walk.
The downside is that you need to protect your dear little friend from becoming a delicacy to larger dogs. Leashing or fencing is, therefore, necessary. Don’t leave any gaps in the fence. Otherwise, he might slip through and endanger himself. However, owning a Maltese is a pure joy since he’s at peace with everyone.


You can trace Maltese’s history to some 2000 years ago, so they could be the oldest toy breeds. Greek, Rome, and Egyptian artists, writers, and poets, including Aristotle, paid homage to this little creature in their ancient cultures.One of the things that reveal how important the Maltese were by then is the building of their tombs by Greeks.
At one time, Egyptians believed that this little dog had some curative ability. They called him “Comforter because they would place the Maltese on an ill person’s pillow. They believed all would be well with the sick once the dog is there.
In spite of his outstanding history, no one knows the accurate origin of the Maltese. It is a common belief that the breed’s development began in the Isle of Malta from Spaniel- or Spitz type parents. Others believe it all started in Asia or Italy.
In the 15th century, the Maltese found his way into the British Isles during Henry VIII’s rule. Noble and royal ladies such as Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria made him their favorite pet in the late 1500s. By then, they had become so popular that many painters included them in gorgeous women’s portraits.
In the 1600s and 1700s, some breeders tried to breed the Maltese into a larger size but the results were disastrous. It is the attempts to save him that brought about so many varying breeds. Later, English breeders developed the modern Maltese.
These dogs landed in the US in the late 19th century. In the 1870s, they entered the Westminster Kennel Club shows. There were very few AKC-registered Maltese until the ‘50s. Today, they are the most favored spectator breeds at dog shows.

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Caring for Maltese

If you want your Maltese to grow well, arrange for early puppy training and socialization classes. Be cautious about how you treat him. Pamper the puppy and expect to get an over-dependent dog. Let him understand that he should behave like an adult.
Unless your puppy is 8 months old, walk with him for a very short distance. Start an exercise program when his bones are mature. However, don’t force your dear Maltese during training as he may turn out to be unresponsive and insensitive. The dog can do well in agility and obedience sports.
Infrequent brushing and combing can lead to a knotty mess. Keep his coat short so it’s neat, easy to clean, and comfortable for your little friend. Additionally, you’ll have an awesome-looking puppy. You may also find it a hard task to do housebreaking with your Maltese. An indoor doggy door that leads to a small covered yard may help.
If you’re going for a toy breed like this one, then understand that it is extremely fragile. It is very easy to sit or step on your Maltese. He can also suddenly jump from off your arms or sofa and injure himself. A sizeable dog can also break your Maltese’s neck quite easily by grabbing it. This means you’re supposed to be very vigilant with the toy breed.
Keep your Maltese on a leash all the time. Make sure you have complete control over him. Also, never allow children near the dog. Kids can’t but be clumsy. They can squeeze, drop, or even step on your beloved friend, injuring him.
Moreover, Maltese can get anxious quite easily when you leave them alone. If you hear your dog barking loudly, there’s probably something making him uneasy. Also, your Maltese can’t put up with loud noises, especially those of children. Find a quiet environment for him.


Typically, Maltese are healthy dogs. However, they are vulnerable to the following types of diseases:
1. Patella luxation
2. Portosystemic liver shunt
3. Progressive Retinal Atrophy
4. Hypoglycemia
5. White Dog Shaker Syndrome
6. Reverse Sneezing
7. Collapsed Trachea
Not all dogs of this breed get these sicknesses. However, it is vital to know about them when you’re thinking about buying the Maltese. This can make you more alert in your purchase decision. If you’re searching for Maltese puppies for sale, look for a reputable and responsible breeder who offers health certificates of the dog’s parents.
A good healthy Maltese puppy should have medical clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Auburn University, and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation. Each of these organizations tests and clears different health conditions. For more information on this, visit the OFA website.

Get Maltese Puppy with NYC Breeders

There’s nowhere else in the NYC area that you can be sure of finding vet checked, fully vaccinated, and healthy Maltese puppies for sale other than at NYC Breeder. We have all types, sizes, and colors of this breed. Whether you’re looking for black, white, and brown puppies, we can deliver them to you. We also have teacup and Korean Maltese.
Whether you’re looking for a puppy that has just begun paper training or is seasoned to do a few outdoor activities, we have all the range you need. We take care of our dogs well but do not pamper them. This is because we understand how to raise them well to avoid overdependence problems in the future.
Owning a Maltese is a super joy. Begin this journey today by contacting us. Our consultants are eager to hear from you any minute of the day. We treat you with exceptional courtesy because you’re valuable to us. Give us a call or book an appointment to get a healthy, vibrant, and playful companionat an affordable price.

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