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Herding Dog Breeds

Poodle Pup


Your search for an allergen-friendly furry companion is over once you spot a Poodle. The super intelligent and active pet is non-shedding, and therefore, suitable for all types of people. They’re very impressive,

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Corgi puppy head close up


If you’re looking for a great family addition, then consider the Welsh Corgi (or Corgi). Since they’re unbelievably loyal and cordial, they can make for companions of a lifetime. Whether you’re going for the more.

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Herding breeds are those breeds of dogs that have an innate ability to control movement of other animals. Originally these dogs were reared to herd and protect animals. Since they have a strong herding instinct they are now used by people to benevolently protect and herd their children and senior family members or just to protect the family. Other herding dogs such as the German Shepherds are used for protection and service work.
Some of the herding breed dogs and pets for sale at NYC Breeders in New York City include the Australian shepherd, German shepherd dog and the Collie. The Australian shepherd is a high energy dog that likes being in control.
It is a favorite herding dog for cowboys and ranch owners as it can herd just about anything, birds and other dogs included. This herding dog thrives in physical activities and they are good at shepherding you children and seniors. If you want to excel in competitive dog sports you might consider owning an Australian shepherd or any other herding breed for that matter.
NYC Breeders in New York City has healthy herding dogs for sale but if the puppy provided is unfit for any reason you are protected by the Pet Lemon Laws that we abide by. We use high quality breeding lines to ensure that the off spring puppies we breed are nothing but the best.
Our herding breed dogs for sale in New York City are intelligent and hardworking. If you own a herding breed ensure that you keep him busy to avoid him channeling his energy elsewhere. The NYC Breeder offers free training for all herding breed puppies purchased with us.
If you are looking for a healthy herding dog or puppy for sale in New York City then you should look no further than NYC Breeder. Besides getting high quality breeds like the Australian Shepherd you will also enjoy the free training for your puppy. Give us a call today and get your herding dog.