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Best Guard Dog Breeds in NY

great dane pup

Great Dane

Living with the Great Dane or “Apollo of Dogs” is a great joy. Easygoing and elegant, the dog is a source of pride. Danes are very friendly and love playing. They can guard your home against intruders. Seeing the giant,

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Affectionately called Dobie, the Doberman has a compact build. His height and muscles make for a fast and powerful creature. His body is considerably smooth, and a sparkling coat of white, red, black, blue,

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Boxer Pup


A strongly built Boxer in his optimum state is wonderful to behold. Males can be as tall as 25 inches but females are shorter. Their muscles undulate under a tight-fitting fawn or brindle coat with white markings.

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Best guard dog breeds for families and children

A good guard dog breed is one that has an innate instinct to protect and guard. These dogs are loyal and fearless. Usually they are big and strong dogs and therefore they need proper training and socialization to ensure they are not dangerous to people. Our guard dog breeds and puppies for sale at NYC Breeders in New York City are suitable for home protection and guarding of property.
NYC Breeder is a top notch breeder based in New York that can help you to get puppies of the best guard dog breeds in NYC such as German Shepherd, Doberman, and Rottweiler amongst many others. A plus benefit for you if you choose to go with NYC Breeder is that we provide free training of your puppy.
However our training doesn’t make the pups professional guard dogs meaning more training is required later on for your puppy to be a guard dog.
Guard dog breeds for sale from New York City Breeders have a predisposition to guard and protect. They are huge size dogs and have enormous strength and therefore keeping one of these dogs is an enormous responsibility. As a guard dog owner you should therefore be prepared to give your time to preparing and socializing your dog.
Take time to understand the profiles of the different available guard dog breeds to really figure out what it is that you want with your dog. They have different personalities, looks, coats, temperaments and needs therefore you should learn what really suits you.
The guard dog breeds and puppies for sale at NYC Breeder in New York City are high quality dogs raised from quality lines and therefore they are healthy and strong.
Call NYC Breeder today to learn more about our healthy, strong and intelligent puppies and guard dog breeds for sale – perfect for your home and property.