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Great Dane Puppy

Great Dane Puppies for Sale

Living with the Great Dane or “Apollo of Dogs” is a great joy. Easygoing and elegant, the dog is a source of pride. Danes are very friendly and love playing. They can guard your home against intruders. Seeing the giant figure on a property can scare off anyone unless they have the guts to confront your Dane, which can be a big mistake.
However, with the giant growing up to 32 inches tall and possessing massive weight and strength, you should think twice about the responsibility that goes into owning him. The space and food requirements of such a dog may scare off a number of people. If you’re resolute about your decision, you can join many happy Dane owners.


Great Danes could be as old as 3000 years according to some drawings on Egyptian artifacts and ancient Babylonian temples. Chinese literature also shows that dogs that resemblethe Dane originated from Tibet. Some have thought that Assyrians traded these breeds into a number of countries around the globe.
The original name for the Great Dane was Boar Hound. This is because his breeding was specifically to hunt boars. Theirowners cropped the dogs’ ears to prevent tusks of their prey from tearing them. Later on (16th century), they were called “English Dogges.” In the same century, Germans began to keep the dogs and called them Chamber Dogs.
It was not until the 17th century that the name Great Danes came to light from a travel experience of a French naturalist in Denmark. From the Grand Danois to the Great Danish Dog to the Danish Mastiffs, the naming has changed severally, even though it’s not associated with the country that developed this breed.
Many breed historians credit German breeders for improving the variety to become the balanced, beautiful dog that we see today. This began in 1880 in Berlin when there was a meeting to discuss the difference between their breeds and those of England. They finally named theirs the German Dog. The English call them the Great Danes.
In the late 19th century, affluent German breeders were in the business of improving the breed, addressing the dog’s aggressiveness and ferociousness. This is because their original breeding had been meant to hunt boars. Their efforts yielded today’s gentle Danes. The breed landed in the US anywhere during this time period.

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Caring for a Great Dane

The Great Dane requires high-grade dog food. Feed your friend according to age. Dogs love table scraps, especially cooked bones. However, you should avoid giving your Dane such foods and anything with too much fat. You may have to research for safe human foods that your dog might need.
Danes are highly susceptible to bloat. Most deaths of this breed occur when their stomachs bulge and twist. Although no one understands why the bloating often happens, it’s wise to give your dog small portions many times a day. Also, keep your Dane from strenuous exercise when he’s about to eat.
While your Dane may not shed much due to his short coat, you still have a lot to do because of his size. Brush him weekly with a rubber grooming tool or medium-bristle brush. This can minimize shedding. A season comes, however, when hair loss becomes more profuse and you have to brush him on a daily basis.
You also need to bath your dog occasionally and when he messeshimself. Additionally, you should examine his nails and trim them regularly, just like one would do with any other breed. Long nails are very uncomfortable for the dog while walking and running.
Great Danes also need regular exercise. When going for a jog or hike, let your matures Dane accompany you. However, keep an eye on the dog since he may smell something and follow it. Walk with him twice or thrice on a daily basis. Your Dane might also enjoy sporting activities and tracking events.
One of the most important things you should do for the Great Dane is to train him when young. Let him attend puppy and socialization classes and obedience training as a puppy. Great Danes love to socialize with people and other animals and to have contact with humans. Show your Dane some affection.


Great Danes are predominantly healthy. However, they are susceptible to a number of medical conditions. If you’re lucky, your Dane will not get into any of these issues. However, it’s crucial to know about them so that you can respond appropriately when it happens.
If you’re looking for Great Dane puppies for sale, consider getting them only from a reputable breeder. Ensure he shows you the clearance for the health of the puppy’s father and mother. This can prove to you that the breeder has tested and cleared your choice dog of the following conditions:
1. Developmental issues that often result from improper diet.
2. Hip dysplasia which is a genetic disorder where the thighbone doesn’t properly fit into the dog’s hip joint.
3. Bone cancer which is one of the most serious medical conditions that you don’t want your new dog to have since it’s expensive to treat.
4. Bloat or gastric torsion
5. Heart disease

Get Great Dane with NYC Breeders

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