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French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

The French bulldog characterized by its bat like ears was the fourth most popular dog breed according to the March 2018 ranking by American Kennel Club. The dogs have continued to become of favorite of many with their popularity increasing significantly over the years.
French bulldogs are great toy dogs and they are loved for their endearing nature. They have distinct bat like ears that have made them create a furor in the public for long as people are used to the drooping ears.A French bulldog being a teacup breed grows to a height of 11 to 13 inches and weighs under 28 pounds.


French bulldogs have been in existence since the 1800s in the UK where they originated from. Their popularity however grew in France when the first bulldog was migrated there in 1860. The bulldogs are descendants of the Bullenbeiser which is now an extinct dog.
The bullenbeiser was a huge working dog and the bulldog was bred by crossing it with smaller dogs. This happened after there was a ban on bull-baiting which is what the Bullenbeiser dog was purposely bred for. The French bulldogs were migrated to France in 1860s by lace workers from Nottingham who loved to have them as toy dogs.
The popularity of the French puppies increased in the 19th century when the upper class took a fancy to the breed. This caused the massive breeding especially in the United States using specimens taken from France. By 1913 the French puppy was dominating many of the dog shows in the US and since then the popularity has continued to soar to the recent statistics.

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Caring for a Frenchie

Feeding – it is important to have considerations when you are feeding your Frenchie because they are prone to allergies. The French bulldog also has a face with a flat shape, short upper jaw, soft palate, and crowded teeth all of which put a strain on the feeding of a puppy Frenchie. You should therefore feed your French bulldog on a special bowl with tilted rims which makes it easy for them to eat from the bowl.
Using the wrong bowl means they are unable to pick up the food or unable to breathe as they are feeding. Ensure that you feed your frenchie a balanced diet that will keep its health at optimum.
Gluten rich foods like may increase gas in your dog while fats may cause your dog to be obese since it doesn’t exercise regularly. Learn which foods cause allergies to your frenchies and avoid them. Leave the food out where the frenchie can access it because it eats slowly.
Dental care – since the Frenchies have a shorter upper jaw, they have overcrowded teeth. This then poses the problems of tartar accumulation in the mouth after they feed. For this reason the frenchies require daily dental care. Use dog toothbrush and toothpaste to brush the teeth of your dog on a daily basis.
Grooming – besides dental care it is important that you keep your French bulldog well groomed. Keep their nails short and check on their ears. These dogs have a soft skin which needs to be treated with care. Do not scratch on them rigorously as this can hurt them. Also, check the eyes regularly to ensure there is no accumulation of gunk in there.
French bulldog puppies have bat like ears which stay upright all the time and therefore dust may accumulate in the ears over time causing problems. Use an ear cleaning solution and a swab to remove the gunk from the ears for a happy dog.
Keep the dog cool – French bulldogs are not meant to be under harsh weather. They like being in the indoors more because it is cooler there. If you spending time outside with your French bulldog ensure that you keep it cool by dipping it in water.
However, if you want to put your dog in the swimming pool use a dog floater because many French bulldogs cannot swim because of their body shape coupled with the fact that they are just lazy.
Exercise – French puppies do not require lots of exercise. You do not have to walk your French bulldog everyday like other dog breeds. They love a sedentary lifestyle and will not require a lot of outdoor exercise to stay healthy.
Bathing – do not forget to bathe your dog. French bulldogs have wrinkles where debris can accumulate under causing infections or making your dog stink. Also the dogs have many wrinkles on their face and they drool and snore when they sleep. This means that saliva gets to the wrinkles and may make your dog smell or look dirty if not washed regularly.


French puppies have some serious health issues that need to be taken care of. According to a survey by the British Veterinary college, the most common problems that bulldogs were treated for in a period of one year are; diarrhea, conjunctivitis, ear infections, skinfold dermatitis, sleep apnea and upper tract respiratory problems.
Other reported health problems with the frenchies include intervetebral disk disease, canine hip dysplasia, allergies and hemivertebra. This however can be avoided with proper love, care, diet and nutrition for your French puppy. A healthy frenchi puppy will keep you company for 10 to 12 years.

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