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English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

The English bulldog is a famous dog breed in America and beyond because of how friendly and human-like it is. Most people love the English bulldog for the foolishness and the love that the dog has for people. A male bulldog can weigh 55lbs while a female weighs 50 lbs.


The history of the bulldog dates back to the 13th century when the dogs were being bred for bull batting. The English bulldog descends from the ancient Mastiffs that originated from Asia and were later taken to England. After the act of bull batting was banned then breeding of the bulldogs as miniature dogs started and soon miniature dogs were all over London.

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Caring for a English bulldog

Feeding – ensure that you use a slanted feeding bowl with a non-slip bottom to make it easy for the bulldog to reach and pick the food. If you use a regular bowl the English bulldog will not be able to reach the food because of the flat shape of the face. Ensure that the dog gets a balanced diet to maintain the health.
Ascertain that the English bulldog gets access to enough clean drinking water. It is recommended that you feed your English bulldog puppy four times a day and then reduce the frequency to twice daily as the dog grows. Your bulldog might require special feeding if it has allergies. Most English bulldogs are allergic to certain foods.
Grooming and cleaning – do not bathe your English bulldog too often as it can damage the under natural oily coat that keeps the bulldog protected and with a glossy finish. Bulldogs do not require a lot of hair care because they do not have long hairs. Brushing their coat once a week or twice a month will suffice in terms of hair care. Use a soft rubber brush so that you do not hurt their sensitive skin.
After cleaning the English bulldog ensure that you rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of shampoo from its coat. The ears and the eyes need to be checked too. Use cotton swabs to clean the ears when they appear dirty. Be cautious not to poke in too deep into the ear.
Check the eyes for any infection and remove any accumulations around there. If they have an infection of the eyes take them to the vet immediately for treatment.
Face and tail area cleaning – it is recommended that you clean the face of your English bulldog puppies daily. Daily cleaning of the face reduces the risk of getting skin dermatitis that occurs at the folds. It is possible for debris and saliva to accumulate under the folds of your bulldog around the face which is why daily cleaning is required.
English bulldogs snore and drool when they sleep which causes saliva to move to the folds and stack up there. The tail area is the other problematic part of the bulldog that can cause irritation and skin infections. Ensure that you regularly look at the area underneath the tail and keep it clean.
Bedding – English bulldogs require a decent bed with soft bedding material for comfort. They appreciate
Exercise – your English bulldog puppy will require exercise to keep it healthy however it doesn’t require very intense exercise like other dog breeds. It is recommended that you use a harness if you are walking the dog for exercise. A harness makes it easy for the dog to move because it has a wide front and a smaller back.
Keep your bulldog puppy cool – heatstroke is a fatal condition that really affects English bulldogs. During summer months you should avoid having the bulldog outside under the hot sun. You should also not leave the dog in your car.
When playing outside it is recommended that you have a water bath where your bulldog will keep cool during the hot days otherwise just leave her in the house to cool down.
Dental care – English bulldogs are known for bad breath and all for good reason. The bulldogs have teeth that are squeezed in one area and therefore accumulation of tartar is very quick. It is recommended that you provide daily dental care to your English bulldog to keep bad odor at bay.
You can use any available dog dental care products. Also it is recommended that you take your dog to a dentist for occasional checkups.


The English bulldog is prone to certain health problems including; cherry eye, dermatitis, hip and elbow dysplasia, heat sensitivity, brachycephalic airway syndrome and cherry eye. Most of these problems are caused by the genetics of the bulldog acquired through the breeding done.
For instance the brachycephalic airway syndrome is worst on English Bulldogs because of how they have been bred to acquire a flat almost human like face.
They therefore have pinched nostrils, narrow windpipes, and large tongues that make the condition worse. They also have respiratory problems due to the fact that their airways are low and obstructed. This is the reason why the English bulldog puppies pant heavily, have sleep apnea, and make loud breathing noises.
English bulldogs have a life span of only 8 years which is lower than that of other dogs. The dogs require regular deworming and also they should be kept free of external parasites.

Get English Bulldog Puppy with NYC Breeders

There are different breeds of the English puppies available at NYC Breeders. One of the most popular new breeds available in the market is the olde English bulldogge. It has become a favorite for many looking for English bulldog puppies for sale because it has a higher life span of 9 to 14 years. The breed is a cross between the bulldog, American pit bull, Terrier, bullmastiff, and the American bulldog.
This breed weighs 65 to 130 pounds for a male standing at 19 – 25 inches while the female weighs 60 to 120 pounds standing at 18 to 24 inches. The breed is much nimble and healthier than the English bulldog is. If you want a bulldog for sale this might be a good breed to consider.
The other breeds in the English bulldog family include; English bulldog pit bull mix, English bulldog pug mix, English bulldog boxer mix, French English bulldog mix, English bulldog beagle mix and English bulldog and Boston Terrier mix. There are also a wide range of colors to choose from including blue, tri blue, black, white, pure white, gray, black and tan, blue and lilac amongst others.