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Corgi Puppy

Corgi Puppies for Sale

If you’re looking for a great family addition, then consider the Welsh Corgi (or Corgi). Since they’re unbelievably loyal and cordial, they can make for companions of a lifetime. Whether you’re going for the more common Pembroke or the vulnerable Cardigan, you just need to dedicate your time and love so your efforts can give serious returns.
The Cardigan is usually heavier and taller than the Pembroke. Although they had different tail shapes, it is a common practice nowadays to differentiate them through tailing. The Pembrokes also have longer bodies, are fluffy, and some naturally lack tails. Cardigans come in black and white and blue merle and white, while Pembrokes come in red, sable, and tricolor.
The choice remains in your hands. If you’re looking for a fluffier puppy, then the Queen Elizabeth II-favored Pembroke can work well. If you desire something that’s not as common, then choose the Cardigan.


The Cardigans came into Wales (specifically Cardiganshire) in their native form some 3,000 years ago with a warrior tribe. The breed originally belonged to the Teckel dog family that later included the dachshund. Cardigans preceded the Pembrokes.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgis also have a long history. Most people agree that they date back to about 4,000 years ago at a time Flemish weavers were migrating to Wales. They came from a cross-breed between the Spitz-type dog and the Cardigan Corgis.
In 1925, both the Pembroke and the Cardigan had a similar registration which led to breeder stress. It was not uncommon for a judge to prefer one breed over another, leading to dog show controversies. For about a decade, there was some serious strife. Fortunately, they later recognized the breeds as separate in 1934.
The Welsh have used the two breeds as herding dogs for cattle since the 10th century. With no fences for pasture lands during these early days, farmers had to look for cunning ways to keep their herds in control. Since Corgis are of a short stature, they would nip at cattle’s ankles, keeping the animals on the move.
Probably, the most inspiring history of Corgis is in their association with Queen Elizabeth II. She has owned at least 30 dogs of this breed in her life and now has two of them. The Queen has been in love with corgis since 1933. From this time, they became very popular.

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Caring for Corgis

Are you looking for Corgi puppies for sale? Whether you are aspiring to be a Monarch in the UK or you’re just interested in adding them to your family, there are some things to put in mind. The dogs need a lot of work to keep them happy and in check.
First, create time to play since they are high-energy pets. They like walking and running. If you don’t offer them the freedom, they’ll be restless and noisy. Also, invest in puzzle toys to challenge the dogs and promote their teeth’s health. Moreover, learn to keep the nipping behavior of your corgi in check.
Corgis can be stubborn and independent. To control them, you need to establish a routine when it comes to feeding and playtime. Enforce strict rules or else they’ll make their own, making it difficult for you to change them. However, make sure your routine is consistent so your furry friend doesn’t expect too much from you.
Your Corgi is like any other puppy when it comes to space requirements. Offer it a spacious enough crate to allow for easy turning around even when it grows bigger. Let your puppy have the leisure of accessing its space any time. However, do not insinuate to your Corgi that staying in a crate is a punishment.
Another thing to consider is that you should be ready to make frequent trips to your veterinarian. Play with your Corgi’s paws and pick it up often as part of the preparation for handling during check-ups.


In general, Pembrokes are relatively healthier than Cardigans and they develop mostly non-life threatening health issues. Unfortunately, their small size is a risk factor for contracting a number of canine health problems that relate to their short limbs and long spinal cord.
When it comes to how long they can be with you, both the Pembroke and the Cardigan have the same lifespan of between 12 to 15 years. However, Pembrokes are more likely to have kidney, urethral, and eye problems as compared to Cardigans as a 2004 survey reveals. This can shorten their lifespan.
Before you choose from a list of Corgi puppies for sale, it’s important to ask the breeder if there is any health issue in the blood-line of the dog. Also,be sure you get your puppy from a reputable source. Such breeders usually test the dogs to ensure they have no health condition. All in all, your dog can still develop one of the following conditions:
1. Hip dysplasia
2. Eye conditions
3. Degenerative Myelopathy
4. Intervertebral disc disease
5. Canine epilepsy
6. Obesity
You can also ask your veterinarian to do a rescue test to be sure of the health history of your puppy. If all the tests come out clear, you shouldn’t celebrate yet because your Corgi could still develop one of these health issues later in its life.

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