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Companion Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier Pup

Yorkshire Terrier

The small-sized Yorkshire Terrier has a big personality. You can find a spirited but affectionate companion in him. He sometimes suspects strangers and barks at them. However, the dog is loyal to his owner, elegant-looking,

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Poodle Pup


Your search for an allergen-friendly furry companion is over once you spot a Poodle. The super intelligent and active pet is non-shedding, and therefore, suitable for all types of people. They’re very impressive,

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maltese pup


Gentle and bright, the Maltese is a pet that can keep you busy with his playful nature. Witty games such as discovering where you’ve hidden his toy are what makes the dog happy. The Maltese requires little outdoor exercise,

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Labrador Retriever Pup

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers usually referred to as Labs, are the most popular dogs in America for 27 years running. This is no wonder why many people are searching for Labrador puppies for sale. The popularity of the Labradors,

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golden retreiver pup

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a popular dog breed for use as a family pet. They are the third most popular dog breed in the United States because they are not only cute they are also obedient, easily to train, and with an,

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French Bull Dog Pup

French Bulldog

The French bulldog characterized by its bat like ears was the fourth most popular dog breed according to the March 2018 ranking by American Kennel Club. The dogs have continued to become of favorite of many with,

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English Bulldog Pup

English Bulldog

The English bulldog is a famous dog breed in America and beyond because of how friendly and human-like it is. Most people love the English bulldog for the foolishness and the love that the dog has for people

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Daschshund pup


With distinctive long-backed body, little limbs, and massive personality, the Dachshund is a true icon of an unmixed breed in the world of dogs and dog enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a vigilant and

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Corgi puppy head close up


If you’re looking for a great family addition, then consider the Welsh Corgi (or Corgi). Since they’re unbelievably loyal and cordial, they can make for companions of a lifetime. Whether you’re going for the more.

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beagle puppy closeup


Beagles do great on a high-grade dog food. You can buy or prepare the meals at home under the supervision or approval of your veterinarian. Watch your Beagle’s calorie intake and weight gain

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A companion dog is a dog that is not kept for working purposes but rather to just provide companionship as a pet. Such are dogs that you will want to lay on your lap and pet all day long. The most trending companion dogs for now are teacups or miniature dogs that are just adorable and fun to have around.

Teacup Pups

Teacup puppies are the most sought after companion dogs because of just how lovable they are. They are tiny dogs that can fit in your pocket which means you can carry it everywhere you go. The teacup pups are bred to be really small versions of already small dogs like Yorkies, Chihuahuas and other small companion dogs.
Teacups are what everyone wants now for a lap dog. They do not eat much and will not need lots of supplies which keeps the maintenance costs down. They are easy to care for and it’s a dog you can have on your lap all day long without getting bored or tire. Their cuteness is just addictive.
There is a wide range of teacups to choose from because almost all of the toy dogs can produce teacups with excellent breeding as that provided at NY Breeder.

Kid Friendly Dogs

Having a dog for any family with kids is beneficial because of the protection the dogs provide and also because they boost the social skills and confidence of the young ones. When kids get to walk the dogs or play with them they also benefit from the exercise.
Kids will love just about any kid of dog but not all dogs are kid friendly. There are over a million dog bites occurring in the United States every year with about 80% of those being bites to children.
It is therefore essential to choose the right breed when you have kids. Contrary to popular belief, not all toy dogs are kid friendly. Some of the kid friendly dog breeds you may have include: beagle, bulldogs, collie, boxer, poodle, labrador retriever, golden retriever, german shepherd, pug, labradoodle, maltese, basset hound, shih tzu, viszla, mastiff and muts amongst many others. Kids can enhance the bond between a dog and a family by increasing faithfulness and loyalty of the dog.
At NY Breeders you can get all your favorite companion dogs whether you want a lap dog, a teacup or a kid friendly dog. All the dogs offered here are healthy and protected under the pet lemon laws of NY.
Are you in need of a companion dog? Then call us at NY Breeders and we will provide the top quality companion dogs to meet your desires as an individual or for the entire family.