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Boxer Puppies for Sale

A strongly built Boxer in his optimum state is wonderful to behold. Males can be as tall as 25 inches but females are shorter. Their muscles undulate under a tight-fitting fawn or brindle coat with white markings. Boxers’ alert, curious facial appearance comes from their shriveled forehead with dark brown eyeballs.
Your boxer can be cheerful and kittenish. Moreover, he can make great friends with your children, being patient and protective while with them. He is fearless when it comes to safeguarding your home. Expose your puppy to several people and animals and he’ll do great throughout his lifetime.


The ancestral parents of the Boxer were the Bulldog and the German Bullenbeisser. Hunters had used the latter breed to catch wild boars, bears, and deer for several years. Later, farmers and butchers began to use Bullenbeissers for cattle protection and driving.
In the late 19th century, Georg Alt from Munich produced what is supposedly today’s Boxer. His efforts to breed a Bullenbeisser with a local dog yielded a fawn-and-white litter that he called Lechner’s Box. Many believe this male dog is the one that started Boxer’s ancestral line.
From the family line of Lechner’s box came one Schecken that bred with an English Bulldog to produce the first Boxer to enter the German Stud Book. Flocki, as was his name, had a female sister who was even more dominant in shaping the history of Boxers.
Some three German breeders took it upon themselves to improve the breed in 1894 and to present it at a dog show. They made it a year later and started a Boxer Club. Their efforts yielded a lot of fruit as the breed’s popularity spread in Europe and later came into the US in 1903.
The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1904 but there were very few female Boxers to mate at this time. During WWI, the dogs served as messengers, pack carriers, attackers, and guards. It was not until the 1940s that Boxers began to rise in popularity. During the WWII, they were mascots to the US soldiers.
Boxers have had many job titles over the years, including guiding the blind and helping police and soldiers. However, what has made them fashionable are dog shows. Their culmination began in close to 70 decades ago when Bang Away won a Westminster title. They have enjoyed the top 10 spots in America’s popular dogs ever since.

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Caring for a Boxer

When it comes to dog food, Boxers are not complicated. Whether you prepare vet-approved meals at home or buy high-grade commercial feeds, your furry friend can do well with it. Just ensure you give him a diet that is age-appropriate. Also, be watchful concerning your dog’s weight and calorie consumption.
During training sessions, you are free to use treats but not in large quantities as it may result in obesity. It’s also crucial to research safe dog foods. More importantly, avail clean water all the time so your Boxer can take at his own pleasure.
You can celebrate when it comes to grooming your Boxer. His short, shiny coat doesn’t need much work. A quick brush with hound glove one or two times a week is enough to keep his looks at the peak. Occasional bathing and once a month nail trimming is also okay. However, you should do tooth-cleaning every day.
Your Boxer is very energetic and playful. This energy may be too much for a small child or a frail adult. He requires also adequate exercise on a daily basis in a fenced area or on a tether. Jumping and leaping all the time, you have to constantly calm down his wild game chasing heritage behavior.
If you’re going to channel your Boxer’s vigor and cheerfulness in the right direction, then you need to give him puppy training and early socialization classes. Although he is extremely intelligent, don’t bore him with repetition.
Boxers also perform exceptionally as therapy, service, and assistance breeds. Some use them for search-and-rescue and drug detection roles. Your dog can enjoy and excel in a variety of sporting activities such as herding, obedience, and agility.


Just like any other dog breed, Boxers are vulnerable to particular medical conditions. You may be lucky to find a Boxer that won’t have any health issues all his life, but it’s never an certain. However, if you’re considering purchasing this breed, it’s important to get a reputable and trustful breeder who is willing to show you health clearances.
A medical clearance is very crucial because it reduces the chances of you getting a puppy that has a bad history of diseases. Ensure you’ve got Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, Canine Eye Registry Foundation, and Auburn University health clearances before buying a puppy.
All in all, here are some diseases that might affect you Boxer at any time:
1. Cancer. For light-colored Boxers, application of sunscreen on noses, ears, and coat can prevent skin cancers.
2. A common heart issue called aortic or sub-aortic stenosis
3. Boxer cardiomyopathy
4. Hip dysplasia
5. Corneal dystrophy, which may affect one or both eyes
6. Hypothyroidism. If your dog is dull, infertile, and lacks energy, this could be the problem.
7. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

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